Drive predictable revenue growth.

FunnelCake helps companies close the gap between Marketing and Sales data, giving your team insights that create predictable growth.


Your growth team operates on two timelines – Sales is focused on right now, while Marketing is focused on what's ahead.

This creates blind spots in your strategy. There are three ways to solve this:

Unified Sales and Marketing Funnel

Close the gap between Marketing & Sales data

Full-funnel reporting

FunnelCake integrates your full funnel into one view – incorporating Salesforce Leads and Opportunities into a unified data model. You'll be able to see your full sales cycle length, conversion rates, and coverage requirements for future growth.

Our unified data model enables you to seamlessly switch between a Lead-based Waterfall or ABM approach for measuring conversion rates and coverage. With custom filters, you can find your most effective route to market, identify gaps in your process, and improve your processes to create a predictable revenue model.



Turn data into insights (for everyone)

Know early and often when things go off track

FunnelCake instantly alerts you when performance doesn't match your plan. A simple stoplight colour scheme gives you at-a-glance indicators for each target. Red-flag alerts highlight specific performance gaps – like opportunities with Close Dates in the past, anomalous deal sizes, or drops in lead volume or conversion rates.

No data scientist required

We believe that insights should be accessible to everyone on your team, in real-time, without needing to be technical. That's why we've designed our platform to translate data into plain English, with Board-ready visuals you can drop into a presentation.

FunnelCake automatically evaluates your data for snapshots, trends, projections, and statistical reliability. We use this to answer common questions about Marketing and Sales performance. It's not just what your data says, it's what it means for your business.

Pipeline coverage

Red flag alerts on pipeline highlight risks for specific Opportunities – like stagnant deals, anomalous deal sizes, and issues with Close Dates. Deep links into Salesforce make it easy to fix issues as they're found.

Red flag alerts on pipeline highlight risks for specific Opportunities – like stagnant deals, anomalous deal sizes, and issues with Close Dates. Deep links into Salesforce make it easy to fix issues as they're found.

Full-funnel metrics that drive revenue

Core metrics, unified across Marketing and Sales funnels

When Marketing and Sales use a common set of metrics to measure performance, it makes diagnosing problems easier, resolutions faster, and removes risk from your pipeline. There are four core metrics FunnelCake uses across the full funnel: volume, value, velocity, and conversion rates.

Remove the blockage points in your funnel

These metrics power stage-specific insights that help you create a profitable, scalable business – like how campaigns impact deal velocity or conversion rates, or how Sales carry capacity and ramp time impact your payback period.

FunnelCake uses baseline metrics and comparative benchmarks for your business, giving your full transparency from lead-to-revenue.



Designed for how Salesforce is really used

Whether your Salesforce implementation is out-of-the-box our outside the box, FunnelCake can provide you with insights without needing to re-do your Salesforce implementation.


Grow with your business

From sales process design to Salesforce implementation, your business is going to change. FunnelCake gives you consistent reporting by making it easy to map historical data models, like deal stages, to the way you use Salesforce today.

This means your year over year comparisons are using the same model – like if you just switched from a Waterfall model to an ABM model.


Customizations are expected

We looked at hundreds of real-world Salesforce implementations to make your integration with FunnelCake seamless:

  • Support for Business Processes, Record Types, Multiple Funnels, and reporting in a unified currency
  • Replacing standard fields, like Amount, with a custom field in all reports (like MRR or ACV)
  • Cross-object filtering, brings Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities into a single view
  • Custom fields and objects can be used for filters in any report on any object

Dirty data shouldn't stop you from great reporting.

Everyone's data is a mess, that's just the nature of many people working together in a CRM. FunnelCake uses Machine Learning to clean data and validate reporting:

  • Lead to Account Matching
  • Lead, Contact, and Account de-duplication
  • Title and Department normalization
  • Inconsistent use of funnel stages by Sales reps
  • Historical data modelling
  • Cross-object reporting


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