Sales accountability made easy.


With FunnelCake, visibility into sales performance drives accountability and changes rep behavior. Instead of traditional dashboards, every metric in FunnelCake is tied to an action your team can take to drive revenue.


FunnelCake turns Salesforce data into actions for your team that move deals forward and change rep behavior.

In every FunnelCake report and dashboard, you’ll find actions, insights, and health flags that give your teams the information they need to work every deal to the fullest – transforming your sales machine from the bottom-up.



Here’s how you make sales accountability easier:

Identify issues with leads, pipeline, and accounts. FunnelCake does this for you.

Take action with actionable alerts, coaching moments, and strategic insights.

Drive growth with data.

Looks like a dashboard.
Way more than a dashboard.

You’ve put time and money into dashboards to get the right insights for your revenue team. Your ops team spends weeks setting up dashboards, analyzing reports, and creating internal presentations. Even still, your reps may be left wondering whether they’re working all of their leads, sales managers questioning if their team is managing pipeline correctly, or leaders asking if the business is going to make the number.

When your team is looking at dashboards, they don’t want to sift through endless amounts of data – they're trying to figure out what actions they should take to move deals forward.

By putting actions first, you change the behaviour that causes stalled opportunities, missed forecasts, and slow growth. You'll see better conversion rates, more accurate forecasts, and reliable insights for strategic decisions. It's the best way to help your team succeed.


The results are huge when you make accountability easier.


Namely Increases Conversion Rates by 1.5x Within a Quarter of Implementing FunnelCake

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Auvik Doubles Lead-to-Revenue Conversion Rate by Improving Sales Habits

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Skip the dashboards.
Skip the Excel files.

Change rep behavior.


From endless dashboards
to scalable growth.

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