Keep your team on track — from lead to revenue.

Accelerate predictable revenue growth, improve alignment across your revenue teams, and drive Salesforce adoption with FunnelCake.


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It’s time to stop asking what the funnel happened to your leads.

You need a clear, shared, measurable model to increase efficiency from lead to revenue.


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Intro to the Measurable Lead Model



Actions, not dashboards.

We all know that rapid lead response drives conversion. Pipeline inspection drives better deal management. Salesforce adoption drives accurate forecasts. And building accountability through these metrics drives alignment across marketing, sales, ops, and reps.

FunnelCake puts this all in one place. For everyone to see. Every day.

Put your team is in the driver seat for growth.


Incremental changes. Huge results.

Within a quarter of adoption, our customers see at least a 30% improvement in full funnel conversion rates by improving efficiency at each stage of the funnel.


Namely Increases Conversion Rates by 1.5x Within a Quarter of Implementing FunnelCake

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Auvik Doubles Lead-to-Revenue Conversion Rate by Improving Sales Habits

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Skip the dashboards.
Skip the Excel files.

Change rep behavior.


From endless dashboards
to scalable growth.

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