Help your team stay on track — from lead to revenue.

FunnelCake brings your Marketing and Sales processes together: you'll increase productivity and consistency across your revenue operations with alerts for reps, coaching tools for managers, and insights for ops and execs.

It's everything you need to manage a predictable path to revenue.



Auvik used FunnelCake to unify Marketing and Sales through the full funnel. Since launch they've seen a 2x improvement in full funnel conversion rates.



How often do you hear:

“We don’t have enough leads!”

“Sales isn’t working the leads we’re giving them!”

“The pipeline is a mess!”

“We don’t know what deals are real.”

“No one is using Salesforce!”


To fix these problems you need a consistent process that works across your revenue operations teams: Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

FunnelCake focuses on 3 ways to drive consistency:

1. Your process is defined

Everyone on your team should know your process across your full funnel: like specifying when MQLs get assigned, how much time can pass before a rep needs to pick up and work lead, or how each of your opportunity stages should be used.

FunnelCake gives you a platform to define your processes across your full funnel in a way that's visible to your team connected to their metrics, and using their Salesforce data.

2. Progress is visible to everyone

Everyone on your team should be able to see how they're following the process: did they work all the leads? Were the leads that came in qualified? Is the pipeline stagnating or progressing?

FunnelCake compares your Salesforce data to your process in a way that's easy for anyone to understand – so everyone can see if they're on track or know what actions they need to take to help drive growth.

3. It's easy to take action

The best way to change your business is from the bottom up – enabling the reps on your team to operate at their best. FunnelCake gives reps 1-click actions that are connected directly to your processes, like ensuring they've followed up with every new lead, every day, within your target response time.

This same data is used to identify coaching moments that sales managers can use to bring out the best in your reps. And the same data is used to give your operations and executive teams insights – so Marketing and Sales can ensure that the process is streamlined for revenue generation.

This drives real change in your business – like a 2x improvement from lead to revenue.



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