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The Revenue Operations Platform

At FunnelCake we believe there is one funnel, unified across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. We believe that full funnel insights create the strongest alignment and your best chance for growth. We call this Revenue Operations.


Automated data cleansing

Garbage in, garbage out? Not anymore – FunnelCake aggregates, cleans, and analyzes data from tools like Salesforce and Marketo, helping you kickstart your insights team without starting your CRM from scratch.

FunnelCake automates:

  • Lead to Account Matching
  • Lead, Contact, and Account de-duplication
  • Contact normalization

Full funnel insights

FunnelCake helps you manage performance to revenue. Easy-to-read reports show which levers to pull across your revenue cycle. Key metrics like conversion rates and lead velocity help you focus on specific deal stages.

Our conversational interface makes it simple to take action, and you can drill-down into source data sets – slicing and dicing data to answer new questions.


Work backwards from targets

FunnelCake helps your Sales and Marketing teams create the greatest impact, working backwards from revenue goals with a unique, time-based view across your full funnel. You’ll instantly know which targets are at risk and what changes to make to get back on track.

Everything connects to revenue, ensuring Marketing efforts are always focused on the leads and accounts that matter.



“FunnelCake helps us fill in the black holes between Sales and Marketing, giving us enhanced reporting on campaign performance, lead generation, and revenue.”

– Jacqui Murphy, VP Marketing
Auvik Networks



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