Know what to do
to beat your growth targets.

FunnelCake uses data science and machine learning to forecast Marketing's impact on Sales performance.


Time to revenue

FunnelCake has a unique time-based view across your full funnel: you’ll instantly know which targets are at risk and what changes you can make to get back on track.

Everything connects to revenue, ensuring Marketing efforts are always focused on the leads and accounts that matter.


Know where to focus

Easy-to-read reports show which levers you can pull across your sales cycle. Key metrics like conversion rates and velocity help you focus on specific deal stages and see when changes will impact your forecast.

A plain English interface makes it simple to understand insights and take action. When you want to learn more, you can drill-down directly into data sets, slicing and dicing data for your own custom reports.


One source of truth

FunnelCake aggregates, cleans, and analyzes data from tools like Salesforce and Marketo, giving Sales and Marketing a holistically view across the full funnel.

Plug-and-play integrations take only a few minutes to set up, with support for custom fields and complex funnels. Data cleansing tools provide normalized, de-duplicated data, ensuring you get accurate reports no matter how messy your database is.



“FunnelCake helps us fill in the black holes between Sales and Marketing, giving us enhanced reporting on campaign performance, lead generation, and revenue.”

– Jacqui Murphy, VP Marketing
Auvik Networks



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